1932 Mercedes Benz Kit Car

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This 1932 Mercedes Benz Kit Car is based off of a 1974 Ford Mustang II chassis with a 171cid V-6 motor. When Keith brought me this car on the back of a flatbed he had warned me that four other mechanics tried to get this car running correctly for him to no avail. After spending a ton of money trying to get this car to run and drive correctly he was at his wits end when he brought it to me. He told me that he never takes the car more than 5 miles from his house due to the fear of her breaking down, stalling or just not starting after she is turned off. I promised him that I would get her running and driving correctly and he would be able to take her anywhere he liked to go without fear of her not starting or breaking down...Click photo to read more...

1937 Hot Rod

rat rod Click on photo see more of this build

This 1937 Hot Rod was built for Dark Horse Cycles owner Mike Rave

  Mike started this project by finding a 1935 front axle and 1937 banjo rear end and after several trips through the woods, on a bicycle, he dragged the front and rear axles and all 4 radius arms home. He then thought, hey I could build a car around this... His first thought was to make a T bucket out of it, so he picked up some 2" X 4" tubing and plans for a T bucket frame. After a lot of measuring we then cut, squared and welded the frame together...Click photo to read more...

1949 Chevrolet 3600 Pick-up

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This 1949 Chevrolet 3600 Pick-Up Truck is a restoration in progress. After spending some time on eBay my client found this 1949 Chevy 3600 pickup truck in Plattsburgh, New York. This is the listing and the first few pictures that were on eBay - This listing is for a vintage 1949 Chevrolet 3600 pickup truck with the 5-window configuration. My consignor is the second owner, having purchased it in 2007. He recalls it when it was new and owned by a neighbor and he was finally able to purchase it after many years! Prior to his purchasing the vehicle, it had been last registered in 1977.....Click photo to read more...

1953 Ford F-100 Pick-up

1953 ford f 100 pick up Click on photo see more of this build

This 1953 Ford F-100 Pick-up (Lenny's Time Machine) came in blowing so much smoke out of the exhaust that you could not see through the smoke if you were following behind him. He was also having problems with the electrical system, his lights would go off when he hit a bump and then back on when he would hit another. We took the truck for a ride and the first time I pushed on the brake the pedal it was going almost all the way to the floor. The steering was really loose and the truck was all over the road, to get the truck in drive you had to put the shifter into low gear and reverse was near park. There was no heat or defrosters and the truck rattled and banged every time you hit the slightest bump...Click photo to read more...

1956 Plymouth Sport Suburban

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This 1956 Plymouth Sport Suburban was brought to Bonez Garage for a number of repairs. this 1956 Plymouth sport suburban spent 20 years in a junkyard with no front tires. The frame was sunk into the mud and was rotted away from where the mud was covering the frame, all of the steering linkage was completely worn out and falling apart, the power steering gear box was worn out and didn't work, the motor and transmission mounts were bad and one motor mount was broken and there were a number of other problems with the wiring. Even with all these problems the owner fell in love with her, dragged her out of the junkyard...Click on photo to read more..

1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

1959 cadillac coupe deville Click on photo see more of this build

This 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville came in with a small list of things to do. The first was a top end motor rebuild. The second was re-chroming the front and rear bumpers and grills. The third was a repaint and some rust repair. Small list, big job considering the front bumper weighs as much as a normal car, the exterior has more total surface area than a football field and the engine compartment is wider than a bowling alley…lol…Click photo to read more...

1959 Chevrolet Impala

1959 chevy impala Click on photo see more of this build

This 1959 Chevy Impala came to me with the rear cross member and upper control arm about to break off of the frame rails. The owner had explained to me that the orignal owner had a hydrolic suspension and use to hop the car and that was how the rear crossmember broke. They attemped to fix it but did a lousy job. When he bought the car she had her orignal spring suspension back under her but just never handled right because of the crossmember had the rear axle in the wrong position and was not square with the front axle. After talking for a while the owner wanted an air ride suspension installed and a rear anti-sway bar. With the air ride suspension he could rais the car up to go over the big speed bumps, lower the car down for better handling or drop the car to the ground for the car shows...Click photo to read more...

1962 Chervolet Corvette

1962 Corvette Click on photo to see more of this build...

This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette and I first meet at a car show. It was a Sunday and I was at another show when I got a call from a friend telling me that she blew a transmission hose. I stopped at an Advance that was on the way got 7 quarts of oil, some transmission hose, several hose clamps and a funnel. When I got there I replaced the transmission hoe that was cut by the radiator support, filled her up with transmission fluid and sent her on her way. Several weeks later I recived a call from the owner asking if I could go through the Vette and fix everything the was wrong....Click on photo to read more...

1966 Cadillac Calis

1966 Cadillac Calis Click on photo see more of this build

This 1966 Cadillac Calis came in for a full top end rebuild, all new gaskets and seals, a real good cleaning for the engine and a couple of coats of paint. The reason she needed a top end rebuild is because the vacuum accumulator, which controls the transmission shift points through vacuum went bad and transmission fluid was being sucked right into the cylinders which, stalled the car. When the owner tried to restart her, to get her off the street, the fluid hydro-locked in the 5th cylinder holding the valve closed and bending the exhaust valve push-rod, which I later found in the motor but not where it and the lifter were suppose to be...Click photo to read more...

1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS

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This 1968 Mustang GT California Special with a 302cid motor that the owner spent over $4,000.00 on the motor and she can not even do a burn out. She boggs down when you floor the gas pedel and idles like crap. I was asked by the owner to make her run like she is suppose to, fast, smooth and loud...Click photo to read more...

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Rag-Top

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Click on photo to see more of this build

This 1968 Oldsmobile 442 came in as an old car to a new owner but she needed some love and care. She was running rough, steering was real loose, suspension had a really bad clunk when she hit bumps, the rag top and interior rug was full of mold and dirt, the wiring harness was a mess, the engine compartment and motor were filthy. I fixed, replaced, cleaned, buffed, scrubbed, replaced, drained and filled till she was beautiful and there was a smile on the owner Steve's face.... Life is good...Click photo to read more...

1969 Chevrolet C-10 Pick-up

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Joe Bagels dropped off is 1969 Chevy C-10 Pick-Up for us too convert her from front drum brakes to front disc brakes and while we had her Joe asked if we could also fix the whole front end while we had her apart. We replaced both tie rods, idler arm, pitman arm, upper and lower control arm shafts, straighten the left lower control arm that was bent, ball joints, steering box, brake master cylinder, steering knuckles, door weather strip,  brake lines and did a little bit of wiring because she would go dead after a couple of days of sitting and would not start...Click photo to read more...

1970 GTO Judge Clone Rag-Top

1970 gto judge clone Click on photo see more of this build

This 1970 GTO Judge clone died about 300 feet from the drive way the owner was on his way with her for us to make her run better...LOL...His other complaints were she would top out at 70MPH with the tach. hitting 3,800 RPM and needless to say she ran like crap, would stall, then not wanna start and there are some eletrical issues under the hood....Click photo to read more...

1972 Ford F-100 Pick-up

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This 1972 Ford F-100 Pick-up

1980 Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro

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This 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 was brought to us by by the owner along with an old photo album with pictures of himself and the car when he was 16 years old and asked us if we could restore her back to what she was all those years ago. The car was pulled out of the woods after several years of sitting. When the car arrived she was in bad shape but within 5 weeks, working 12 to 14 hours per day we got her done.... Click on photo to read more...

1987 Chevrolet C-10 Pick-up

1987 Chevy R-10 Pick-Up Click on photo see more of this build

This 1987 Chevy C-10 Pick-Up was sold before the project could be compleated...This truck came to me after another automotive shop attempted to do a motor swap from a small block 350 motor to a 2006 LS 5.3 liter motor. In the attempt the motor was placed in the wrong position causing the headers to not fit in between the frame rails so the technician cut the top of the frame rail out to fit the headers. After numerous other mistakes the owner decided to pull the truck and bring her to Bonez Garage. After assessing all that was done the next step was to remove the motor and transmission, repair the cut frame rail and install the motor and transmission correctly...Click photo to read more...

88 Jeep Wrangle - 25 inch lift & 50inch tall tires

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This page is under construction. Please check back soon.

1994 Harley Davidson RoadKing

1994 harley davidson roadking Click on photo see more of this build

This is my 1994 Harley Davidson RoadKing I purchased this motorcycle in 2000 from a Harley dealer in Watertown New York with just over 5,000 miles on it, this was after my 1978 Harley-Davidson Low Rider blew a hole in the transmission case on the second day of a two week vacation. At the end of 2001 I broke my back was unable to ride, during that time I'd gotten Kismet (she is a Basenji) and got her used to being around the motorcycle...Click photo to read more...

1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pick-up

1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pick-up Click on photo see more of this build

This 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pick-up with rear wheel drive came to me with a blown up 2.2 liter 4 cylinder motor in her and was left here to be sold. About 2 weeks later a new customer comes in with a 2001 S-10 4X4 with a 1989 5.7 liter Chevrolet motor and transmission. He asked me if I could get the motor running correctly and get the truck to pass inspection. He then proceeded to tell me the story of how another shop attempted to do a motor conversion from a 4.3 liter V 6 motor to a 5.7 liter V 8 motor and now the truck will not pass inspection and seems to have less power with the new motor than it did with the old motor and none of the gauges work and they charged him to screw up his truck...Click photo to read more...

1999 Harley Davidson FatBoy

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This 1999 Harley Davidson FatBoy came into the shop after three years of being stored in a damp basement. The owner brought her in for us to do a full-service, full detail including removing the mold from all of the leather and the corrosion from the bike, a 1 1/2 inch lowering kit and to have the fuel tanks repainted due to the original paint job running into the filler neck which caused fumes from the fuel to get under the paint and start peeling it up...Click on photo to read more...

2002 Dodge Dakota R/T

2002 Dodge Dakota R/T Click on photo to see more of this build

This 2002 Dodge Dakota R/T came in for a 1 inch drop in front and a 2 inch drop in the rear and while she was all apart we did all the ball joints, bushings, bearings and steering linkage. Even with only a 1 and 2 inch drop it really made her look longer and meaner. The client loved the new look and that she also handled so much better with the new suspension over the old suspension...Click photo to read more...

2002 Harley Davidson    Low Rider

2002 Harley Davidson Dayna Low Rider Click on photo see more of this build

This 2002 Harley Davidson Low Rider came in for a new set of 16" tall ape hangers and 4" tall risers. Had to change to longer brake line, push and pull throttle cables and clutch cable. All the wiring had to be lengthened and run inside the handle bar tubes...Click photo to read more...

2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

2004 jeep wrangler unlimited Click on photo see more of this build

This 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was brought to me with a couple of issues. The first one was a major clunk up front when you would hit a bump and the second issue was "she looks so wimpy with the little itty bitty street tires and so low to the ground. I want a truck that fits a big guy like me." that was a quote from the owner. We talked for a bit and he told me that the truck would probably spend 75% of it's time on road and 25% off road plus he didn’t want the truck to feel like it was going to tip over on every curve, he did not want it to have that loud tire hum on the highway, the hard bounce you around ride and didn’t wanna have to use a stepladder to get in. On the off-road side he wanted it to have a lot of flex in the suspension and good grip through the mud and snow...Click photo to read more...

2004 Jeep Wrangler

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This 2004 Jeep Wrangler came to me bone stock. The owner asked me if I could make her a capable rock climber. I started off with an 6 inch lift kit, long control arm suspension which included a removable center skid plate. After making all adjustments and installing the lift kit we ordered a set Ford 9 inch front and rear differentials and installed a set of 4:56 gears into the differentials with a set of locker carriers and 4 new stronger axles. I also installed an Atlas transfer case and heavy duty front and rear drive shafts. On the front bumper I installed an 8000 pound winch. All the steering linkage was replaced with heavy-duty rock climber linkage and a heavy-duty steering dampener with quick disconnect sway bar linkage. I also upgraded the brakes and to top it all off new rims and a set of 35 inch tall tires. She is now rock climbing beast...Click photo to read more...

2005 Mustang Saleen

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This 2005 Mustang Saleen was brought to the shop for some custom work. the owner wanted us to install and new body kit, a pair of Lambo door hinges and also wanted some custom paint work. We did a set of multi layered ghost flames on her using silver metal flake and gunmetal flake and had the flames running over and under eachother. We then did the Saleen logo in silver flake and had a seperate set of flames flipping in and out of the logo along the bottom of the door and on the body kit rocker along with a skull at the back of the rocker. We then removed the front fenders and doors and installed the Lambo door hinges. When she went to her first show she took best paint...Click Photo to read more...

2006 Maiden Stang

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This 2006 Mustang was brought after she got tangled up with a deer on the road. The nose of the car took the hit. We removed the the bumper cover, the lower air dam and the hood. We got a new bumper cover and air dam and repaired the hood, we then painted all the parts white, taped out for the stripes and painted them red. While we had the car the owner asked if we could also paint white with red stripes a radiator support cover that goes under the hood, paint a pair of louvered side windows and install them and remove the valve covers and have them powder coated wrinkle black to match the super charger...Click photo to read more...

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS

2010 camaro Click on photo see more of this build

This 2010 Camaro SS/RS has a 6.2 liter L99 motor with a six speed automatic transmission and stock from the factory she had about 360 horsepower to the rear wheels. Most people would be happy with that but not this owner, he wanted more POWER but he did not want to add nitrous or supercharge her he wanted her all natural and still be very streetable. So we talked and I let him know that the L99 motor had a VVT System (Variable Valve Timing) controlled via a cam phasers. Cam phasers are computer controlled cam gears that automatically optimize camshaft timing based on the current engine rpm. While this technology provides tremendous efficiency benefits, it presents a challenge when changing to a performance cam due to the wide range of valve timing movement and constantly changing piston to valve clearance but VVT allows a full power curve through the full RPM range of the motor unlike a regular motor with a big cam that will produce peak power from low to mid or mid to high RPM range. The L99 motor also has a DOD system (displacement on demand) which cuts off cylinders for better fuel mileage, nice if your worried about MPG but not if your looking for pure power...Click photo to read more...

2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy sidecar

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This 2011 Harley Davidson FatBoy owned by Joe and Amber of Orange County Nursery came to me as just a normal two wheeled motorcycle. The big problem Joe was having with his bike was the fact he was unable to take his little girl Amber on rides with him and was having to leave her home. After seeing me with kismet on my bike he had asked me if I could build a box for Amber to ride in when he took the bike out but Amber was much too big and heavy for that. I told him I can put together a trailer for him that she can ride in or we can order a sidecar that she could ride. Seeing as he always wanted a motorcycle with a sidecar he opted for that choice...Click on photo to read more...

Custom V/W Trike

Click on photo see more of this build

This V/W Trike is leaving with a happy customer. He came in with a couple of boxes full of parts and went out with new custom mounted foward controls that work the new rear hydrolic disc brakes and the new hydrolic clutch we also added an air rear suspension and a new wiring harness from the front to the rear...Click photo to read more...

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  • Don Cafarelli (Saturday, March 30 19 01:53 pm EDT)

    Just spoke with gentleman I saw with a late 50's early 60's
    Dodge shortbed that recommended you.Ill be in touch soon..70 chevy short stepside staight6,3 on the tree

  • Ed Firestone (Sunday, October 07 18 02:54 pm EDT)

    I’ve watched your YouTube videos so the ‘67 Dodge A100 van. Great job. I’m restoring my dads ‘66 custom sportsman van. I can see from the interior shots that yours was also a custom sportsman. I also noticed that you are not using the stainless trim that was standard on the custom models. I’m looking for two pieces of stainless. The piece over the left parking light and the right side rear bottom piece between the door and the side. Any chance you might have them?

  • Adrian Mandy (Wednesday, October 03 18 03:42 am EDT)

    Bonez helped me achieve my goal of a big block street pounder in the form of a fully custom 1968 C10. He was extremely helpful and accommodating in what I wanted done and within my budget and I love his attention to detail. I highly recommend Bonez for your project.

  • Frank gilbert (Tuesday, May 29 18 03:54 pm EDT)

    Looking forward to have you work on my 32 roadster

  • Michael sosa (Thursday, May 17 18 01:17 pm EDT)

    Looking to restore a 41 Plymouth I’m going to see it take some pictures wondering if I can forward them to you for estimates nothing fancy everything seems to be there light rust just want everything basic

  • Chris (Wednesday, June 21 17 09:07 am EDT)

    Definitely the best place for custom auto work!!

  • Gazoo (Thursday, May 04 17 12:17 pm EDT)

    Mr. Bonez identified and fixed the electrical problems on my 1998 Harley Davidson Dyna. This was the first time this OEM stock Harley was ever worked on since it was born off the factory line in California. All gaskets installed and no leaks. Now it runs better and I am confident there will be no failure from work performed. Thank you for your expertise. Highly recommended. Thanks
    Gazoo aka Andy

  • BHW (Tuesday, March 28 17 04:47 pm EDT)

    What's up to all, the contents existing at this web site are genuinely awesome for people experience, well, keep up the good
    work fellows.

  • Gazoo (Saturday, June 04 16 08:07 pm EDT)

    Thank you for reaching out
    and helping me with 98 Dyna today. I will continue to recommend your services. I wish you the best of luck with your new location. Best regards. Gazoo

  • Alan Piciocchi (Tuesday, March 01 16 11:18 am EST)

    No one touches the Iron Mustang but my man Bonez!

  • CarmineCamb (Monday, February 22 16 08:33 pm EST)

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