1949 Chevrolet 3600 Pick-Up Truck

This 1949 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck Is a future restoration. My client was looking for a 1947 to 1959 Chevy pickup truck. He found a 1951 3100 Chevy pickup on eBay in central Illinois. After going out there to take a look at it I found that the pickup was not what the seller was claiming, yes the engine, drive-train and frame were in great condition but the body and paint were in terrible condition and the paint on the tailgate was starting to bubble and peel off, the paint on the two front fenders was cracking and peeling off, there were a lot of spots where you can see the sanding scratches in the body filler through the paint, there was a lot of body filler in the bottoms of the cab corners and the doors, inside the door jams they used a paint brush to paint the door jams, the welding of the patch panels was really bad and cracking the body filler and the paint, there was a lot of tiger striping in the paint where you could see right to the primer and the chrome on the bumpers was peeling off, so he decided not to buy.

After spending some time on eBay he found this 1949 Chevy 3600 pickup truck here in Plattsburgh, New York. This is the listing that was on eBay - This listing is for a vintage 1949 Chevrolet 3600 pickup truck in the 5-window configuration. My consignor is the second owner, having purchased it in 2007. He recalls it when it was new and owned by a neighbor and he was finally able to purchase it after many years! Prior to his purchasing the vehicle, it had been last registered in 1977. It was driven infrequently by the original owner, then stored in a barn, then stored outdoors. My consignor has kept the truck garaged since he purchased it in 2007. My consignor purchased the truck with the intent to restore it. He has done some restoration work to include replacement of the radiator, distributor, fuel filter, master cylinder, fuel pump, and hoses. All other parts are original. The brakes were replaced in 2008, as were all four tires and the pictured spare. The truck is registered and inspected for 2013 and is quite road-worthy. It starts right up and runs well. All lights, wipers, horn and turn signals are operable. This truck has the original standard straight 6 cylinder 216 engine, with 3 speed manual (3 on the tree) transmission. Serial number: 2GR-A 1713. The odometer is inoperable and shows just over 38,000 original miles. My consignor has not driven the truck many miles since he purchased it, so he estimates the mileage at about 40,000. Included in this sale are the pictured restoration parts (still new in box), 4 original hubcaps (one partially cleaned), the spare wheel/tire, the original radiator and spare tire bracket/holder.

He asked me if I would take a ride up and take a look at her. After looking her over I called him and let him know what I thought of the truck. He then went and looked at the truck himself, spoke with the seller, they both came to an agreement and he is now the proud owner of this 1949 Chevy 3600 pickup truck. We are now collecting parts and will soon be getting her into the shop to start the restoration.

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